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Dear Colleagues,

As China’s new energy passenger vehicle market has reached a ramp-up phase, the technological development of the e-powertrain has entered the “deep-water zone”. The high-voltage, high-speed, highly-integrated, multi-speed and oil-cooling drives, hairpin motor and SiC MOSFET inverter, and the integration and smart control of e-drive with battery, chassis and automated driving… There still are great innovation spaces and challenges for these technologies.

Since 2022, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sales have grown rapidly, and Chinese branded hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are emerging in the market. According to the authoritative prediction, due to the diversification of consumption and the limitation of charging facilities, as the policies tend to be neutral, PHEV and HEV together will possibly have a 50/50 market split with BEV, or the 3 types of vehicles will likely divide the market equally in the future (for a certain period). The key for growing the hybrid vehicle is to improve the integration degree, electrification, intelligent control and the efficiency level of the hybrid powertrain, as well as to reduce its cost and provide diversified products.

Commercial vehicle is the second main battlefield to practice the “dual carbon” strategy after passenger vehicle, but currently commercial NEV market penetration rate is only 5%. At present, commercial vehicle companies are exploring diversified powertrain technology routes such as hybrid, pure electric and fuel cell. The technology level of each route is still in the early stage, and it is highly required to accelerate the pace of electrified powertrain technology innovation.

Since 2009, TMC has been deeply engaged in the transmission, hybrid and NEV drive industry for 14 years, and has become a large-scale international technology exchange platform leading the direction of technological innovations and connecting the market demand. The recent TMC events have covered almost all the aspects of electrified powertrain technology. Therefore, we decide to rename TMC as "International Automotive Powertrain Technology Congress" (formerly known as: TM Symposium China). The 15th TMC Congress will be held in July 2023.

The congress will deeply discuss electric and hybrid powertrain technology strategies and innovations, and enhance the 2 parallel forums: “TMC Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Low-carbon & Energy saving Technology Forum” and “TMC Vehicular Power Semiconductor Technology & Application Forum”. The congress will add more topics for e-motor session, discussing the latest product, material and processing technologies and trends.

TMC2023 is expected to have 80-90 speeches from industry leaders, corporate executives and experts, 3-4 high-level panel discussions on hot issues, new product and technology exhibition of more than 100 companies, and over 1,500 professionals attending the congress and visiting exhibition.

Topic outline:

Regulation & market changes and their impacts on powertrains

Efficient & low-cost hybrid drives and transmissions (MHEV/HEV/PHEV/REEV)

Dedicated hybrid engines and batteries

BEV high-speed, HV, highly-integrated and multi-speed drives

Efficient transmissions & xEV powertrains for commercial vehicles

Vehicle power module packaging and application

E-motor material, component, processing & system innovations

E-motor control hardware and software

Component, lubrication, cooling, material and processing technologies

Operation strategy, NVH optimization and thermal management

Virtual development & testing methods and tools

Integration and smart control of e-drive with battery, chassis and automated driving

System & component optimizations by using big data and AI

Passenger and commercial vehicle powertrain innovations are the keys for achieving the “dual carbon” goals in auto industry. We will invite more industrial leaders and OEMs’ executives to present their achievements, strategies and insights, invite more speeches and exhibitions of innovative technologies and solutions, and make the event more interactive through Q&A, networking, exhibition tour and the innovative technology evaluation & selection program. Speech and innovation highlights will be publicized via emails, WeChat and media before the event, and core media will be invited to intensively cover the event.

Looking forward to your active participation in speech, exhibition and sponsorship with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality presentations.

Sincerely yours

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