As one of the world's largest independent lubricating oil producers, FUCHS Lubricants provides engine oil, transmission oil, shock absorber oil, metal working fluid (oil), industrial equipment oil, metal forming agent, rust inhibitor, grease and other products to the automotive industry, which has been widely recognized in the industry. FUCHS PETROLUB SE took the opportunity of supporting the development of Chinese automotive industry, and entered the Chinese market as early as 1988. FUCHS is one of the international Lubricant companies which earliest established operations in China. At present, FUCHS China, headquartered in Shanghai, has two plants in Suzhou and Yingkou as production base, more than ten overseas offices in key cities in China as its marketing frontier, and more than 300 special distributors as long-term strategic partners, fully developing the booming middle and high grade lubricating oil market in China.

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