HAIMOSIC (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. is a Joint venture initiated by Zhenghai Group Co., Ltd. (China) and ROHM Co., Ltd. (Japan). HAIMOSIC is mainly engaged in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of the silicon carbide power module, with an estimated annual capacity of 360000 / year. The total investment of the project is 450million RMB and the registered capital is 250million RMB.
As a design and manufacturing manufacturer of power modules, we also have the ability to develop and verify inverter for automobiles. We can provide users with a complete set of technical support solutions such as SiC drive circuits, vibration suppression, cooling, miniaturization, EMC, etc.
HAIMOSIC closely integrates the two aspects of Quality Control at “The design stage" and “The production stage", to aim for world-class quality control of the product.

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