NSK(China)Investment Co.,Ltd

NSK Investment Co., Ltd. is headquarter of NSK Ltd. in China. To date, NSK has set up over 30 production plants, R&D centers, sales offices and subsidiaries throughout China.

1. Solution for seamless shifting - Non-contact Torque Sensor (TS) and Torque Selectable Device (TSD) 

NSK has developed Non-contact Torque Sensor that enables reliable and smooth shifting of 2-speed transmission system.

2. High-performance Bearings For Next E-axle in order to corresponding high-speed, 800V, and high efficiency for E-axle performance. NSK developed high speed bearing with DmN (PCD*Max speed) of 2milion. Bearings with insulating special coatings to deal with electrical corrosion. And a new generation of low friction tapered roller bearings to improve high efficiency.

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