LEANX (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

LEANX (Shanghai) Technology Co.td, as a technology pioneer in the field of intelligent new energy vehicles, has always been committed to promoting the development of the industry through innovative technical services. The company focuses on the technical services of the power drive domain and the intelligent chassis domain, and provides the full stack technical services from the test development test to the mass production offline test, to ensure that each technical innovation can accurately meet the market demand, and provide customers with value beyond their expectations.

LEANX business covers the whole process of automotive forward development technical services and mass production off-line testing technical services, such as.

Test development test bench, support for new construction and upgrading technical services.

Mass production test bench to support new construction and upgrading technical services;

The construction of CNAS certified national test center to support the test and test technical services;

NVH diagnosis, vibration analysis, failure analysis, prototype development and product development engineering and technical services,

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