Amsted Automotive

Amsted Automotive delivers Efficient Torque Management Systems and Advanced Net Formed Solutions that help OEM engineers produce lighter, more efficient, and higher performing vehicles. We are customer focused, working with vehicle manufacturers to reduce mass, improve safety, and maximize drivetrain efficiencies through: 1) Integrated Drivetrain Disconnect Systems 2) EV Battery & Structures Solutions 3) Vehicle Light Weighting Materials 4) Net Formed Aluminum Products 5) State of the Art In-Die Metal-Forming 6) Powder Metallurgy & Sintering Processes 7) Bi-Directional One-Way Clutches 8) Electro-Mechanical Clutch Systems 9) Soft Magnetic Composites 10) Electric Multi-Speed Shifting Systems 11) Net Formed Chassis Components 12) Advanced Flow-Formed Products

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