hofer powertrain

hofer is an international engineering company with numerous R&D centers,founded in 1980 in Germany. Companies under the group own more than 30 years of specialty background in the field of automobile, over 800 employees worldwide, all of whom are recognized experts in complex powertrain system and its component R&D and in industrialization/manufacture. 

As a premier R&D partner in the automobile industry, in addition to the traditional powertrain business field, hofer also provides its customers a wide range of technical service in NEV business field: hybrid module of the hybrid powertrain system, development of core components of hybrid powertrain, development of the control strategy of integrated hybrid powertrain system, development and integration of hybrid powertrain transmission, development and integration of the entire electric powertrain system of electric automobile (electric motors, power electronics, motor control software and transmission, etc.). The development of powertrain system, nanufacturing and batch production, industrialization, combined with testing, measurement and manufacturing technology form the core technical competitiveness of hofer. 

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