Speech & Sponsorship Invitation

TMC is the largest international technology event for leading technology direction and integrating supply chain in transmission and drive sector in China. Most of passenger and commercial vehicle, transmission and drive system companies attend the meeting, accounting for about 45% of the total number of participants (last event).

It will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your technology or thought leadership and network with decision makers of your target groups by presenting your latest innovative technology or strategy at the event.

As drivetrain technologies become more and more complex, audience expects deeper technical reports, and TMC technical committee will be more rigorous in reviewing speech abstracts to ensure speech quality and a world-class speech program. We look forward to your participation in speech and sponsorship with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality report.

Speech and Sponsorship Invitation
Environmental changes & technical strategies

Legislation & market changes and their implications

Impact of life cycle CO2 reduction on PT tech roadmap

Diversified xEV PT strategies for“dual carbon” goals

Requirements of “dual carbon” goals for supply chain

Tech trends of e-drive & its integration with chassis

Sub-systems and components

Clutch, shift, damper, gear, parking, etc.

Electronic controller, sensor and actuator

Lubrication, cooling, material and processing

Low and zero carbon technologies

Lightweight technologies

Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Forum

4th phase fuel consumption limit & dual credits for CVs and their impacts on technology routes

Central drive: multi-speed, multi-motor & control, dedicated axle

E-drive axle: co-axial, dual-motor and control, distributed motor & axle

Motor & control, e.g. high voltage, SiC power module, etc.

Hybrid system: architectures, DHE, control strategy & calibration, key components

H2 power system: fuel cell, H2 engine, drive and control strategy, etc.

Transmission: AMT, AT, axle, TC, clutch, shifting, bearing, seal, oil, etc.

Performance optimization: durability, thermal management, NVH, etc.

Hybrid powertrains and transmissions

High-efficiency 48V mild hybrid systems

Innovative hybrid drives (DHT/Px/REEV)

Hybrid AWDs (48V/full hybrid)

Hybrid dedicated engines and high-power batteries

Hybrid vehicle integration and optimization

TM efficiency improvement & new TM technologies

Development & testing technologies

Electrified powertrain topology development

ePT system integration and optimization

ePT NVH control and operation strategy

AutoSAR & ISO26262 functional safety

Driving cycle (WLTC/CLTC) and load spectrum

Operation strategy development & system optimization based big data & AI

BEV drives

High-Voltage and high-speed drives

“N in 1” drive system integration

Benefits & innovations of multi-speed TMs

AWDs for EVs

E-drive integration with Chassis/Battery/Driving

Distributed drives and their prospects


Technical trends of PMSM and other types of motors

Key tech of HV motors: insulation system & materials, etc.

Key tech of high-speed motor: seal, bearing and oil, etc.

Winding design and manufacturing of flat/round wire motors

Oil cooling and other advanced motor cooling technologies

NVH optimization

Advanced silicon steel & permanent magnet technologies

Design & manufacturing of less rare earth motor

Virtue development and testing

Other advanced manufacturing technologies

Life cycle design method for motor recyclability

Smart and connected powertrains

E/E of PT domain and its synergy with chassis & AD

Hardware to improve computing power, control accuracy and transmission speed

SOA-based software platform development

Energy and RDE management based on traffic info

Smart customization for personalized driving needs

Intelligent lifecycle management of powertrains (e.g. functional iterations, intelligent monitoring, etc.)

Functional safety and cyber security

Vehicle Power Semiconductor Forum

Vehicular power semiconductor technology trend

SiC power module packaging technology trend

Layout of China’s vehicular semiconductor industry chain

Development of SiC module-based e-motor controller

Innovative applications of vehicular SiC power devices (OBC, DCDC)

Technologies and material for SiC PM packaging

Reliability test and failure analysis of vehicular SiC

【Who should speak & Sponsor?】

Vehicle Manufacturers

Transmission, e-motor and drive system companies

Component, lubrication, material and processing companies

Design, engineering, software and test companies

Universities and consulting companies, etc.

【Why speak & sponsor?】

Speak in front of most of your target groups

Demonstrate your thought and technology leadership

Promote your brand image and values extensively

Network widely with customers and peers

Extend your influence through media coverage

【Important deadlines】

2023.2.10 Speech application with abstract (for sponsorship fee discount opportunities)

2023.3.10Application for speech with abstract

2023.4.21Notification of acceptance

2023.6.26Submission of presentation PPT version for onsite speech

2023.6.26Submission of presentation PDF version for distribution to participants (to help them select and better understand your speech. Confidential info can be deleted. The organizing committee will ask all participants not to publicize the presentation without your company's permission)

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