UniSiC Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

UniSiC is an innovative leader in the field of silicon carbide core power components. The company mainly provides a full range of ATE testing equipment for wide bandgap power semiconductors and high-performance IGBT power semiconductors, covering laboratory to production line versions. The product line extends from wafer-level to device-level to application-level. At the same time, the company develops high-performance, high-threshold core components, including high-precision high-current source meters, high-voltage high-precision source meters, and medical high-voltage generators. UniSiC now has an R&D center in Shanghai and a headquarters base in Suzhou,covering R&D, testing, integration and production, and successfully covered the needs of benchmark enterprises in the areas from IDM, packaging and testing, new energy vehicle industrial chains, and high-end medical care. The core advantages of UniSiC lie in its precise measurement of the characteristics of silicon carbide power semiconductors and its deep understanding of high-frequency power electronic applications. The company's main R&D team comes from GE Central Research Institute, and has been engaged in the research and development of silicon carbide power semiconductors and applications for over ten years. It has successfully developed several sets of products, with performance that is internationally leading.

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