Shanghai PanGood Power Technology Co., Ltd.

PanGood is an innovative high-tech enterprise with self-developed core technology. PanGood takes axial flux motors as its core product and provides customers with forward R&D and overall solutions based on deep understanding of needs and value reconstruction to build a new ecology for various fields. PanGood’s three product platforms of PCB motors, ICS motors, and ICD motors, covering motor products with different power needs from 63W to 600KW. PanGood has applied for 1110 patents, leading the world in the field of axial flux motors PanGood electric drive systems have been widely used in new energy vehicles, buses, trucks, construction machinery, fans, water pumps, generators, compressors, electric motorcycles and other fields. PanGood is providing customers with miniaturized, lightweight, low-energy electric drive solutions for various fields.

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