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China's most influential exchange and display platform for powertrain technologies

TMC is a gathering place of innovative powertrain technologies from China and the world, and a platform for promoting collaborative innovations throughout the powertrain industrial chain. The 16th Automotive Powertrain Technology Congress (TMC2024) will take place on July 4-5, 2024 in Qingdao, China. More than a hundred of industry leaders, technical executives and experts will be invited to present their latest achievements, strategies and insights, and over 120 exhibitors to showcase their innovative products and services. Extensive opportunities will be provided to participants for technical discussion, thought collision and network.

Topic and Agenda

Topic and Agenda

  • Regulation & market changes and their impacts on powertrains
  • Key technologies innovations of xEV powertrain
  • Efficient transmissions & xEV powertrains for commercial vehicles
  • Power semicon device & module technologies & applications
  • E-motor, material, component, processing & system innovations
  • Component, lubrication, material and processing technologies
  • E-powertrain development using big data and AI technologies
  • Integration & smart control of e-drive with battery, chassis and automated driving
  • E/E architecture and powertrain domain

The largest e-powertrain exhibition in China

The exhibition focuses on innovative technologies, products and services of PV and CV powertrains, and provides a high-quality display platform for domestic and international powertrain, component, material, lubrication, equipment and engineering service companies. It is expected that about 2000 professionals visit the exhibition and over 40 industrial media cover the exhibition.

The 3rd NEV & Power Semicon Collaborative Innovation Forum

The 3rd NEV & Power Semicon Collaborative Innovation Forum

The forum will be held in July 4-5, together with TMC2024, which is initiated and hosted by the automotive industry. The forum aims to focuse on the power semicon of xEV drives, leverage the guiding role of automobiles, and promote the coordinated development of the entire industrial chain from materials to modules and applications.

The forum will gather related industrial institutions, OEMs, powertrain, e-motor control and power semiconductor companies, as well as universities and research institutions to discuss technical and supply chain strategies, innovative technologies and best engineering practices.


An important technical event in CV powertrain sector

The 3rd commercial vehicle powertrain technology forum will be held in July 4-5, together with TMC2024. The forum will discuss HEV, BEV, FCEV and zero-carbon fuel technology trends, innovative technologies and best engineering practices for different application scenarios, such as long-haul, urban logistics, sanitation and construction, as well as mines and ports, etc.

Innovative Technology Promotion Program

Innovative Technology Promotion Program

By participating in this program, you will have chances to get pre-event promotion in the industry for your innovative technologies or products, a visit to your booth by a group of OEM and drivetrain executives and experts arranged by the organizers, and innovation of the year award at evening reception as well as a post-event media coverage, so that you could be recognized widely in the industry.

In 2023, 40 innovations of 22 companies were selected as candidates by TMC experts based on three dimensions: innovation, value and industrialization potential. The innovation highlights of these candidates were browsed over 4,000 times and top 8 innovations were finally selected by over 500 participants through voting.

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